長谷川泰子 Yasuko Hasegawa




1975 横浜生まれ

1998 東海大学教養学部芸術学科美術学課程卒業

1999 東海大学教養学部芸術学科研究生終了

2003 愛知県立瀬戸窯業高校専攻科卒業

2004 滋賀県立陶芸の森スタジオアーティスト

2011 東北芸術工科大学非常勤講師



2002 朝日陶芸展

2005 第3回韓国京畿道国際陶芸ビエンナーレ 銀賞


朝日陶芸展 奨励賞

2006 朝日陶芸展 秀作賞

第5回出石磁器トリエンナーレ 大賞

2007 朝日陶芸展

2008 台湾国際陶芸ビエンナーレ




2007INAXガレリアセラミカ / 東京

香老舗 松栄堂  / 京都

2009 SAN-AI GALLERY / 東京

INAXライブミュージアム / 愛知

2010 麻布十番ギャラリー / 東京

2011 SAN-AI GALLERY / 東京

2013 SAN-AI GALLERY / 東京

2014 GALLERY TAO / 東京




2004 ギャラリ-いろはに/大阪

2006 内なる形象三人展 SAN-AI GALLERY / 東京


―滋賀県立陶芸の森 / 滋賀

2007 器展 INAXガレリアセラミカ /東京

2008 ガレリアセラミカの7人展-INAXライブミュージアム / 愛知

2009 FROM IZUSHI ―出石の時期、純白から広がる無限の世界

―兵庫陶芸美術館 /兵庫

2010 麻布十番ギャラリー / 東京

2011 SAN-AI GALLERY / 東京

2013 SAN-AI GALLERY / 東京




世界陶磁器エキスポ財団  / 韓国


台北県立鶯歌陶磁博物館 / 台湾





Yasuko Hasegawa



1975 Born in Yokohama
1998 Graduated from Tokai University, Course of Fine Arts Department
2003 Graduated from Aichi ceramic Arts high school non-degree graduate program
2004 The Shiga Ceramic Cultural Park Arthist in Residence program



2002 Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition
2005 3th World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Korea / Silver Prize
International Ceramics Festival MINO, Japan
Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, Japan / Encouragement Prize
2006 Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition, Japan / Excellent work Prize
5th Izushi Porcelain Triennale Competition, Japan / Grand Prize
2007 Asahi Ceramic Art Exhibition
2008 Taiwan Ceramics Biennale
Public Collection
World Ceramic Exposition Foundation, Korea
Toyooka-shi Hyogo, Japan
Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taiwan
INAX Tile Museum, Japan


[ Clay ]

If you look at my work for the first time, you would surprise to hear that material is ceramics. I have never conceived that clay has limitations, and try to discover the interest of raw material, the clay. Without figure that might be failure for making, I produce pieces and discover the beauty even though people usually recognize them as failure at the first point. As the result, the form that you saw today was born.


[ White ]

My work is white because of my wish that people is pure innocent figure.


[ The barrier that protect individuals ]

I wonder what protect a mind (inner world). This question gave birth to my subject, The Barrier. If you suppose that human body without concerning race, age, and sex as a box, what would protect the inside of the box (the mind)? We are living in the cruel world. As you know, the media is filled with miserable articles. We are ridden by anxiety. The barrier, which is depends on a person, but usually pride, religion, philosophy is the last defense line, I presume. I believe that a person can be strong when he/she rediscovers the existence of support. I desire my work contribute you to find your own barrier.


[ Future plan ]

I of course would like to continue making pieces that effect people. Therefore, I strive for accuracy in my work and discover new thing.